About Cedar Investors

Our Philosophy

At Cedar Investors, we partner with exceptional healthcare companies to help people, not just to make a profit. And we believe profit at the price of integrity is no profit at all. We know we will only achieve outstanding results if we deeply understand our partners and the businesses we invest in, so we do not have a single playbook. We work with our partners to create the playbook, and add as much value as we can within that framework.

Our Differentiators

  • Our permanent capital base allows us to be creative and flexible regarding the structure and holding period of each business we invest in.
  • We are primarily focused on developing strong relationships with our managers and building long-term value; we are not looking for a quick flip.
  • We can invest substantial capital into businesses over time to enable their long-term growth, saving time and headaches for our managers.
  • Our partners and advisors have extensive experience at top-tier investment firms and consultancies, and have built many businesses to national and international scale. The knowledge and resources that have resulted are available to each business we invest in.
  • We invest exclusively in small and medium sized healthcare businesses in the U.S., which enables us to understand our businesses and quickly add value to our managers.
  • Our investment decision making process is simple and streamlined. Our permanent, committed capital allows our two partners to make decisions without institutional constraints.

Our Values

Integrity: We take the high road when nobody is watching.

Cura personalis: We "care for the whole person" and get to know the unique qualities of each of our partners.

Intellectual curiosity: We don't stop at the surface; we constantly seek new knowledge and connect ideas.

Authenticity and Candor: We are always true to ourselves, and always speak our minds.

Why we're doing this:

  • To help people get healthy
  • To fix the system
  • To build amazing companies
  • To have fun and love what we do
  • To partner with excellent people